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8700 Series

The ground breaking MF8700 Series offers some of the most efficient, effective and usable power in its category.

These tractors have a huge appetite for work built to cover hectares easily and comfortably and the fuel bill to a minimum

Dyna-VT is designed to ensure maximum productivity, reduce operator strain and optimise fuel efficiency. Power control lever allows hassle-free forward/reverse shuttling and speed change. By using SV1 and SV2 and 'pre-setting', the speed will be maintained automatically and memorised at engine shutdown.

8700 is also available in some models as a TierII version

Model MF 8727

Rated power 240/176 (hp/kW)

Max. power 270/199 (hp/kW)

Max. power with EPM 300/221 (hp/kW)

Max. torque 1300 (PM)

Package Efficient or Exclusive

Model MF 8730

Rated power 265/195 (hp/kW)

Max. power 295/217 (hp/kW)

Max. power with EPM 325/239 (hp/kW)

Max. torque 1390 (PM)

Package Efficient or Exclusive

Model MF 8732

Rated power 290/213 (hp/kW)

Max. power 320/235 (hp/kW)

Max. power with EPM 350/257 (hp/kW)

Max. torque 1500 (PM)

Package Efficient or Exclusive

Model MF 8735

Rated power 320/235 (hp/kW)

Max. power 350/257 (hp/kW)

Max. power with EPM 380/279 (hp/kW)

Max. torque 1590 (PM)

Package Efficient or Exclusive

Model MF 8737

Rated power 340/250 (hp/kW)

Max. power 370/272 (hp/kW)

Max. power with EPM 400/294 (hp/kW)

Max. torque 1600 (PM)

Package Efficient or Exclusive


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